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We look forward to welcoming you. Please refer to public health guidelines before planning your trip to New Brunswick.

A Celestial Experience

From the verandah of Brennan's Bed &Breakfast you have a clear view of the Saint John River, the Rhine of North America. You imagine the days when riverboats steamed past this imposing structure on Fredericton's most famous street, Waterloo Row. You can almost hear the toot, toot of the whistle and the sound of the big paddlewheelers churning up the water. Passengers must surely have admired the architecture of this grand old mansion, which belonged to the Chestnut family. The feeling of wood surrounds you in this B & B. No wonder, since the Chestnut family, builders of some of the world's finest canoes, appreciated fine quality, especially in wood. Roaming around the inside of Brennan's B & B is a sensory experience for anyone who appreciates fine woodworking and gives a glimpse into the rich heritage of Canada's colonial capital.

Built in 1895 by the Chestnut family, hardware merchants and creators of the famous Chestnut canoe, this house has been described as the most chateau-like of any of Fredericton's Queen-Anne Revival mansions. “We strive to give our guests an experience when they stay here,” John says. “Many just can't believe some of the detailed woodwork. As one of the city's most affluent and respected business families,” he notes, “the Chestnuts had access to the finest materials.” Quality is an apt description of the experience at Brennans. Guests enjoy superb breakfasts, wonderful rooms, wireless Internet and bilingual service. It's close to everything in downtown Fredericton. On summer mornings, guests can see rowing sculls gliding gracefully by on the river.

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