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We look forward to safely welcoming you. Please visit this page before planning your trip and contact each business directly to check their hours and offerings.

Here’s where the Atlantic Ocean rises to become the Bay of Fundy, creating a coastline filled with can’t-miss fall season activities for your stay. Good food and good times make for a perfect family getaway in Charlotte County.


Saint Andrews by the sea
Saint Andrews by the sea


Fall is harvest time, especially in this haven of fine dining.  

The Rossmount Inn, Treadwell Inn, Kennedy Inn, Dominion Hill, and the world renowned Algonquin Resort all offer tempting seasonal choices as well as fine accommodations. And, if you’re looking for an ultimate foodie experience, the Indulge Festival (Oct 14th - 18th) in Saint Andrews features a wide array of food and wine specialities that are all fit for fall enjoyment.  



My travels through New Brunswick continue. We had the most sublime meal at the Rossmount Inn at the southern tip of New Brunswick last night. I focussed on local seafood as I love to do when by the sea. We started with clamato Oyster shooters which were fun and gorgeous (swipe across to see). This lobster cocktail was perfection itself. Beetroot, celeriac remoulade and perfectly cooked juicy lobster. My travelling companion had the most sublime ‪butter poached naked lobster with parisienne gnocchi and lobster-brandy reduction (swipe across!). I also had a bright yellowfin tuna with chia seed and black pepper corn crust. All in such a beautiful setting too. The perfect food for this unexpected heatwave. ☀️☀️☀️ Today: I will be meeting and interviewing local chefs (including the chef here in his lovely garden, keep an eye on my stories!), whale watching and travelling a little further into New Brunswick. We are on the move every day covering as much ground as we can. Meeting such lovely people as we go too. #explorecanada #explorenb #newbrunswick #saintandrews #lobster #lobsterclaw #seafood #atlanticcanada

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If golf is your game, go to the Algonquin Golf Course. It is an award-winning course and a masterpiece that compliments the history and nature of St. Andrews.



The Southern Shore offers whale watching until late September.  But there are still days for shark or deep-water fishing, sea glass hunting, and tidal pool hiking adventures. You can even drive across the ocean floor to experience the incredible history of the Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island


Whale watching on the Jolly Breeze, Saint Andrews 
Whale watching on the Jolly Breeze, Saint Andrews 


This is also the only place where you can go island-hopping with four ferry rides and lots of lighthouses along the way - check out Campobello Island, Grand Manan Island, and Deer Island for a one-of-a-kind adventure. 


Road trip views on Campobello Island
Road trip views on Campobello Island


Your photos almost take themselves when you visit New Brunswick’s Southern Shore region. And in September and October your Adventure and Location photos could be prize winners if you enter the contest sponsored by Bay of Fundy Starts Here.


Ministers Island, Saint Andrews by the sea
Ministers Island, Saint Andrews by the sea


Watching the glorious fall afternoon sunsets, you can almost see the world out beyond the ocean while you cozy up in one of its lovely, quiet nooks. Welcome to Charlotte County!  



Rossmount Inn
Kingsbrae Garden Café and Savour in the Garden 
Chandler Room
Braxton's Restaurant and Bar
The Five Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse
The Chocolate Museum

Algonquin Hotel
Treadwell Inn
Friars Bay Inn & Cottages
Island Home B&B
Tidal Treasure
Dominion Hill
Kennedy Inn
Rossmount Inn
Tidal Treasure 

Ganong Nature Park

Outdoor Activities 
Canal Beach
Katy’s Cove
Oak Bay
Green’s Point Lighthouse
Deer Island Ferry 
Campobello Island Ferry
Ministers Island 
Algonquin Golf Course

Vacation Packages


Get the most out of your travels in New Brunswick with vacation packages from the following operators:

Saint Andrews – 4 days, 3 nights
Feel at home in this charming small seaside town while you explore Kingsbrae Gardens, go whale watching and explore local marine life.  

Fundy Coast to Fundy Shore Tour – 5 days 

Moncton, Saint John, Saint Andrews and whale-watching! 





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