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What's your name and location?

Sawyer Hannay, I live in Rexton New Brunswick

What's your favourite place to visit in the province, and why?

Honestly, I love the Rexton area where I grew up because it's such a cottage country atmosphere. Outside of here, I really like the Acadian Peninsula for its great beaches and sunsets.

What's something about New Brunswick that you wish the rest of the country knew about?

Simply how beautiful it is. I've been to almost every province in Canada and feel New Brunswick doesn't get the recognition it deserves for how stunning it is. It is also very private and intimate. When travelling in Alberta and British Columbia, the famous tourist destinations are super over populated, where here in NB you can enjoy those sweet spots to yourself.

What's your favourite "made in New Brunswick" food/drink?

My childhood consisted of Baxter milk with a shot of Nesquik. Not much has changed...

Is there a part of the province you haven't been to yet, that you'd like to visit? Tell us why!

Grand Manan!!! I want to get over there SO bad, it looks stunning and super photogenic.

You can find Sawyer on Instagram @sawyerhannay