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Let’s hear it for paw power

Dog sledding used to be a means of transportation in northern countries like Canada. Did you know you can experience this quintessential winter activity here in New Brunswick?

Sled dogs have tons of energy. They’re yearning to run and eager to display their strength, everlasting endurance and enthusiasm as they whisk you away on an incredible journey. Sled dog breeds are typically Alaskan Malamutes, Huskies and Samoyeds. With a thick coat, these beautiful animals are fit, good-natured, very social and love the teamwork with both dogs and humans.

The adventure starts as soon as you arrive. You will hear a pack of dogs barking in excitement, anxious to get out on the trails. A professional guide (called musher in the dog sledding world) will teach you the basic rules. Then you’ll get introduced to the dogs, see how the team is harnessed and hooked into position before you settle into the sled.

Hang on to your toque! You will “Mush! Gee! Haw!” your way through our winter wonderland and see the wilderness in a whole new way as you glide on the snow and shift your weight to help with turns. Enjoy the scenery or take the reins and learn how to direct the dog sled team with the help of your guide. Either way, this dog-powered ride will be a thrilling experience and a memorable winter adventure.