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Raise your glass to our spirits.

A distant past tied to moonshine—involving backroad bootleggers and criminal rum-runners—has since transformed into a sophisticated and modern distilling industry based on artistry, flavour, and expertise.

Across New Brunswick, your travels may uncover small-batch distilleries. These award-winning operations hand-craft high-quality spirits like rum, gin, vodka, whisky, brandy, absinthe, and other liquors. Many include local products, like grains, maple syrup, molasses, berries, and even Ganong’s chicken bones candy (a chocolatey, cinnamon-flavoured treat). Some even turn whole potatoes into vodka that has a sweet aroma and silky taste. 

Of course, when you find such a distillery, you’ll want to consider having a taste. The distillery shops and tasting rooms often have patios to enjoy a few sips on. And many offer guided tours, giving you an expert’s insight into what it takes to craft something so special right here in New Brunswick. 

Can’t make it to a distillery in person? You can still enjoy a taste. Most bar and restaurant owners in New Brunswick are quite proud of their craft distilleries. Their mixologists are inspired by local spirits, and use them to augment their own creative cocktails.