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Take home some genuine New Brunswick. 

New Brunswick’s history is one of resourcefulness. Of making the most of the land, and of using our own ideas, hands, and labour to manufacture the products our people need. Today, that’s as true as ever. New Brunswickers are proud of the products we make, and are even more proud to share them with visitors. So watch for locally-made treasures in your travels, such as art, jewelry, woodwork, pottery, or even soap. You’ll likely get to know some new favourites; and you’re sure to recognize some that already have a place in your home.

Taste what local is all about

Start by thinking small. Micro, that is. Across the province, microbreweries craft original ales, lagers, pilsners and more that reflect the artistry of each brewmaster. And likewise, you’ll find wineries and cideries whose varietals fit the terroir from which they were coaxed. You’ll want something to eat, too, of course. And our local restaurants—in communities all over New Brunswick—deliver with care and courtesy. The province is also a hub for maple products—find them at gift shops, farmers’ markets, and craft fairs.

The brands you know and love

Hungry for more? There are a number of brands that New Brunswick has introduced to the world—many of which you probably have in your pantry. Ever enjoyed King Cole Tea? That’s authentic New Brunswick. So are McCain french fries. Also, Crosby’s Molasses, Ganong Chocolate, Beausoleil Oysters, Barbours spices, and Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar. All made or sourced right here.

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