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COVID-19 Advisory: Our tourism businesses look forward to safely welcoming New Brunswickers and our Atlantic neighbours, with precautions in place to keep guests protected. Please stay up-to-date on current Public Health alerts and bring your personal mask with you. You can also register your travel ahead of entering New Brunswick through the Travel Registration Program

A warm welcome in l’Acadie.

Acadians are descendants of French settlers who arrived in New Brunswick during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, they’re most easily identified (aside from their unique French accents) by their love of life. This is a joyful culture that celebrates its fierce pride all over the province. Visit, and you’ll find yourself welcomed with open arms into the festivals, gatherings, and homes of l’Acadie.

From the North Shore to the Acadian Peninsula and the Acadia of the Southeast, the Acadian lifestyle has been shaped by the sea. All along this route, you’re invited to enjoy a beach vacation enriched with culture and vibrant communities. Museums, historic sites, and living-history villages bring the Acadians’ remarkable 400-year history to life, while restaurants and galleries provide a distinctively modern connection to the past. 

To sample a different flavour of Acadian lifestyle, travel into the hearty woods and farming lands of northwestern New Brunswick. Here, you’ll meet the Brayons, whose distinct accent, cuisine and way of life can be experienced throughout the legendary Republic of Madawaska.

If you're here on August 15, be sure to participate in National Acadian Day festivities – especially the tintamarre where the culture, colour, and joyful spirit of Acadie is celebrated most loudly!