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Follow the river to authentic experiences

Enjoy the peaceful beauty of vast farming lands, or the dramatic scenery of a waterfall and gorge; stop in at some of the farmers’ markets that proudly display produce grown here; explore towns where residents are equally proud to display their creativity and culture. In the Upper Saint John River Valley, authentic experiences await at every turn.

The Upper Saint John River Valley is a lush and diverse string of communities that follow the meandering river through rolling hills, rich farmland, and more stunning views than you can possibly capture with your phone. This region includes the communities north of Fredericton, all the way up to Grand Falls:  Grand Falls, Perth-Andover, Florenceville-Bristol, Hartland, Woodstock, and Nackawic.

Weekly farmers’ markets and roadside farm stands tempt the wandering traveller with tasty and fresh produce. Potatoes are one of the main crops here. No wonder this area—Florenceville, specifically—is home to famed McCain french fries, and the Potato World museum. Covered Bridge Potato Chips begs you to stop for a snack too! Hartland is also home to the world’s longest covered bridge.

Pop into the many towns along the river, treat yourself to a craft beer at Grand Falls Brewing in Grand Falls or Big Axe Brewery in Nackawic, and stroll through galleries, cafés, and fascinating historic sites.

And no visit to this region is over until you experience the spectacular falls and gorge at Grand Falls, the exclamation point for a wonderful river tour.

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