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COVID-19 Advisory: Our tourism businesses look forward to safely welcoming New Brunswickers, with precautions in place to keep guests protected. Please stay up-to-date on current Public Health alerts, stick within your Steady 15 and bring your personal mask with you. 

This is hunting territory. Pure and simple.

Every skilled hunter knows that the most memorable hunting trips are as much about the animal’s habitat as the animal itself. Which makes sense—if you’re going to spend hour upon hour in the wild, it helps that the wild you’re in is beautiful. Hunting in New Brunswick will give you everything from trophy white-tailed deer to black bears, moose, waterfowl, upland game and even wild turkey. And you’ll find it all in the sprawling forests, secluded marshes, and coastal woods of New Brunswick. 

People visit from around the world to practise their favourite type of hunting—whether it’s firearm, bow, or cross-bow. Towering moose. Trophy black bear. You’ll find healthy game populations of all sorts in New Brunswick. Here, the average dressed weight of an adult male white-tailed deer exceeds 175 pounds (80 kilograms), with bucks recorded each year as high as 270 pounds (122 kilograms). 

If you’re a waterfowl hunter, you’ll find an abundance of pheasant, grouse, woodcock, black ducks, sea ducks and more. New Brunswick’s wetlands are preserved to promote increased populations of waterfowl. So come with high expectations!

No matter where or what you’re hunting, non-residents must be accompanied by a guide. And New Brunswick has many expert hunting guides and lodges just waiting to welcome you!

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