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People visit from around the world to practice their favourite type of hunting—whether it’s firearm, bow, or cross-bow. Here you’ll find healthy game populations of all different species. New Brunswick is a unique moose destination due to the ease of access to a vast amount of towering moose roaming the forests. Our moose hunting tags are amongst the most coveted for big game in all of North America. When it comes to black bear hunting, with 85% success and 99% encounter rates, you’ll be sure to have a memorable hunt. As for deer hunters, they will be thrilled to know that the average dressed weight of an adult male white-tailed deer exceeds 175 pounds (80 kilograms), with bucks recorded each year as high as 270 pounds (122 kilograms).

If you’re an upland or waterfowl hunter, you’ll find an abundance of species, including Grouse and Woodcock. New Brunswick has one of the most generous bag limits of Woodcock in North America. Our wetlands are preserved to promote increased populations of waterfowl, so come with high expectations!

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New Brunswick has many certified professional guides, outfitters and lodges just waiting to welcome you. No matter where or what you’re hunting, non-residents must be accompanied by a guide. View all our New Brunswick hunting outfitters in the listings or on the map.

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Most hunts are conducted on a draw basis. The Fish & Wildlife Licensing system allows you to apply for a free, mandatory Outdoor Card, purchase hunting and trapping licences, as well as apply to draws.

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