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A taste of coastal living.

The crack of a lobster’s shell, warm melted butter… enjoying a lobster is an experience that never loses its sense of specialness. And it—along with snow crab, oysters, shrimp, clams, caviar, and fish—is on the menu across the province.

As a Maritime province, bordering the sea and the Bay of Fundy, fish and seafood has always been an important part of life here. Today, our locally-caught seafood is as much for locals’ tables as it is for export. Our commercial fisheries sector is a vital component of the social and economic fabric of the province, particularly in many rural coastal communities. As a matter of fact, New Brunswick is one of the largest exporters of fish and seafood products in the country. 

Any coastal community you visit is bound to feature working fishing wharves, which serve as a hub for many fishing villages. If you catch a boat as it returns from sea, you may even score a chat with the fishermen aboard and learn a little more about the fishing life. The start of lobster season (which varies in different parts of the province) also comes with lots of excitement and pageantry as the boats are launched.

But no matter where you go in the province, you’ll be able to enjoy the bounty of the sea. Traditional seafood delights like lobster rolls (hotdog bun or roll, mayo or butter); chowder (each restaurant has their own recipe); and fried clams, the ultimate coastal road trip treat. You’ll find it all on the menu at seaside shacks, roadside diners, and urban bistros. Bon appétit! 

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