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Croisières Shediac Bay Cruises

Relax and enjoy the most succulent lobster in the world. Discover Atlantic Canada's best-kept secret and be part of the most interactive lobster adventure anywhere in North America.

A thrilling, educational and culinary experience awaits you as you cruise the pristine waters of captivating Shediac Bay, where you will have the opportunity to participate in the actual fishing and catching of lobster, one of the most prized undersea crustaceans. Watch closely, or help, as we pull a lobster trap out of the deep, ocean water. This tour will allow you to experience how a lobster moves from its kitchen to its living room, right within the confines of the trap. Listen intently as our knowledgeable, amusing tour guide tickles your fancy and leads you step by step, through the delicate and proper process of cracking and eating a delicious, freshly cooked lobster. Enjoy a fisherman's feast of succulent whole lobster, taste-tempting Maritime potato salad and crisp coleslaw, served up right and washed down with your favourite beverage from the licensed bar. (alternates to lobster: barbecue chicken or vegetable lasagna - available on request at time of booking).

After your meal, catch the balmy breezes on our roomy upper deck and marvel at the scenic beauty of our East Coast. Traditional Acadian music is piped out from bow to stern on the Ambassador and resonates in the air as you enjoy a comfortable seat with a splendid view of pure history.

Ron Cormier, a professional lobster fisherman for over 25 years, along with his family, look forward to extending to you the warm hospitality that Acadians are known for. It's time to relax and enjoy the good life. Let us book you a space on the Ambassador so you can enjoy our Lobster Tales Adventure now!

Bilingual service (English-French)