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These “flower pots” nurture wonder

It took thousands of years for the sea to carve the famous flowerpot rocks. You’ll want to take the time to feel the full experience. Welcome to The Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, one of New Brunswick’s top destinations and perhaps the place where the power of the Bay of Fundy tides is most impressive. At low tide you can walk on the ocean floor, explore coves, and look up in amazement at these distinctive sandstone formations topped with trees. At high tide, the enormous rock formations that once towered over you are now barely peeking out above the surface. You can paddle a sea kayak around the tops of the sea stack wonders. It takes just over six hours for high tide to become low, and another six for low to become high. So, in just one visit you can experience the complete power of this ancient clock.

While here, be sure to pop into The Hopewell Rocks Interpretive Centre. You’ll find a self-directed multimedia exhibit on geology, tides, and wildlife; friendly interpreters who can lend a hand and answer your questions; walking trails and panoramic look-offs; and even a café and gift shop. So be sure you give yourself enough time to get the full experience, and also be sure to check the tide schedules before you go. 

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