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New Brunswickers are known for their warm and relaxed nature. With endless coastline, accessible nature and more than enough space to roam, New Brunswick is the place to go to escape the noise of the big city or to learn how to reconnect with the things that matter in life. From spas to botanical gardens to hiking trails and everything in between – New Brunswickers know how to take the road less traveled.

a girl walking on the fundy coast during sunset
Grand Manan Island


Everybody has a different idea of what it means to relax. Whether you’re invigorated by the thrill of a new adventure or feel most calm while you’re kicking your feet up next to the tides, these trips will help you reconnect while you disconnect.

Small Towns With Character

The best way to slow down and relax is to take the road less travelled. Skip out on big cities in exchange for small towns with character for the perfect backdrop to unwind.

Saint Andrews by-the-Sea

Saint Andrews

Saint Andrews is the perfect elevated small town living experience. With a focus on supporting local, all the seafood you could dream of and coastlines for days, Saint Andrews is one of the must-see spots for anyone who likes to unwind in style.

a man taking a picture of the head harbour lighthouse in campobello

Campobello Island

If you’re into kilometres of untapped nature, historic sites and a whole island to explore, Campobello Island is the spot to be for people who like their getaways a little bit more secluded. If your dream vacation is quiet and full of history and hiking – look no further.

a girl looking at the cliff view on grand manan

Grand Manan Island

If you want to experience the coast while adventuring on seaside hikes, Grand Manan Island has it all. With over 70 km (44 mi.) of coastline, Grand Manan Island is a dream come true for people who love to hike, go birding or want to give whale watching a try. Accessible by a scenic ferry ride, Grand Manan Island allows you to sit back and ride passenger while you get to your island adventure.

boats in alma


Alma is the gateway village to experience Fundy National Park. If you’re looking for delicious and unpretentious seafood dining, some of the world’s best hiking and incredible ocean kayaking, put Alma at the top of your next road trip list.


St. Martins

St. Martins is the original entrance to the Fundy Trail Provincial Park. From the adventures of hiking, to the refreshing bay of Fundy water, to the freshest seafood, St. Martins comes fully equipped with excitement for all tastes. If you've never walked along the floor of a sea cave at low tide, St. Martins is your ticket to the most interesting view of ocean floor.


Nothing sets the stage for how your trip is going to unfold quite like where you choose to rest your head for the night. There’s incredible and unique accommodations across the Fundy Coast to suit all tastes. It doesn’t matter if your idea of R&R includes a world-class spa or a simple tent, there’s a place in Fundy to buckle down for the night.

algonquin hotel at sunrise
The Algonquin, Saint Andrews

Traditional Abodes

For the people who want a traditional accommodation that just has a little je ne sais quoi, there’s hotels, bed and breakfasts and resorts to suit all tastes. Check out a few of these classic accommodations to separate your nature time and your relaxing time.

The Algonquin (Saint Andrews)
An Island Chalet (Campobello)
Castalia Marsh (Grand Manan)

ridgeback lodge glamping dome
Ridgeback Lodge, Kingston Peninsula

Classic Campgrounds

If you’re more into somewhere that lets you be part of nature and not just observe it, check out a campground, glamping site or lodge.

Herring Cove Provincial Park (Campobello)
Ridgeback Lodge (Kingston)
Fundy National Park (Alma)
The Anchorage Provincial Park (Grand Manan)

a group dining on the ocean floor in st martins
Red Rock Adventure, St. Martins

Dining Experiences by the Bay

Vacation eats can be a lot of the same old. These spots are unique, elevated, or a must-see. Nothing says “rejuvenate” like really treating yourself to an experience and not just a meal. Check out these cafes, restaurants and dining experiences to really experience something new on your Fundy Coast trip.

Rossmount Inn (Saint Andrews)
Kingsbrae Garden (Saint Andrews)
The Cap Sill (Deer Island)
The Pier (Campobello)
The Seaquel (Grand Manan)
Port City Royal (Saint John)
Red Rock Adventure (St. Martins)
Periwinkles Restaurant at the Beach Street Inn (St. Martins)
The Octopus’ Garden (Alma)

people walking beside the hopewell rocks
Hopewell Rocks, Hopewell Cape

Nature Worth Travelling For

Fundy Footpath (St. Martins - Alma)
New River Beach Provincial Park (Saint John)
Herring Cove Provincial Park (Campobello)
Walton Glen Gorge (Fundy Trail Provincial Park)
Grand Manan Lighthouse Trail (Grand Manan)
St. Martins Sea Caves (St. Martins)
The Anchorage Provincial Park (Grand Manan)
Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park (Hopewell Cape)


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