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Travelling by water is always refreshing.

Throughout history, the people of New Brunswick moved, traded, hunted, and explored by water. When you travel by ferry, you honour this heritage, but you also add a depth of wonder to your vacation. Because travel by ferry is a chance to relax, unwind, and take in the natural world around you. You’re even likely to get a glimpse of whales, porpoises, sea birds, and other wildlife on your journey. 

Ready to set sail? Travel the Bay of Fundy and you’ll enjoy the cool ocean mist on your way to the Fundy Isles. If you’re travelling to New Brunswick from Nova Scotia, you’ll save driving time by taking the ferry from Digby to Saint John. And if you’re exploring the Saint John River valley, get on a cable ferry. Stand on the deck and watch the river go by, or strike up a conversation with travellers or locals until you get to the other side—and more adventures.

Ferry information and schedules

New Brunswick ferries
River ferries and Bay of Fundy ferries

Coastal Transport
Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan Island ($)
Letete to Deer Island (no charge and no reservations required)
Grand Manan Island to White Head Island (no charge and no reservations required) 

East Coast Ferries
Deer Island - Campobello Island Ferry ($)

Bay Ferries
Saint John, NB to Digby, NS ($)