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Timeless scenery along storied waterways

Boating and sailing in New Brunswick is an experience that’s so much deeper than the immediate pleasure of being on the water. Here, a voyage by sea, lake, or river is also a trip into the past. Because you’re travelling the same waterways—and enjoying the same vistas—that have been used by countless people for centuries before you. With 5,000 km (3,100 mi.) of coastline both rugged and gentle, 2,500 lakes, and a maze of other waterways, New Brunswick is a paradise for boating and sailing.

Take advantage of our marinas as a launching point, and explore sun-baked islands, secret coves, and lost lagoons. Besides helping you fuel up and replenish your supplies, many marinas also have great dining and entertainment options. If you’re sailing, visit one of the many yacht clubs across the province with events, regattas, and sailing schools you can be a part of. And if you aren’t arriving with a boat, you can still get on the water by booking a boat tour or even a houseboat adventure.

Looking for ideas? Cruise along the Fundy and Acadian coasts, including the Bay of Fundy, Chaleur Bay, and Northumberland Strait, and you’ll enjoy stunning scenery the entire way. Grand Lake—New Brunswick’s largest freshwater lake—is also an extremely popular spot. And of course, the Saint John River, meandering through tranquil farmland all the way to the city of Saint John, is a must. Enjoy the many islands on your way, often with sandy beaches that offer quiet and sunny anchorages; watch for ospreys and bald eagles; and relax at one of the heritage wharves from days gone by—still used today.