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Snow tires season on two wheels.

Biking in winter? Of course! It's the season where a blanket of snow softens the rough terrains and turns the trails into a roller coaster bliss.

With their chubby tires designed to grip the snow and ice, fat bikes literally float on all surfaces, so you can ride with confidence. It's a bit more effort, much less speed, but a whole lot of fun. The monster trucks of the cycling world will have you pedal the winter away with a huge grin on your face. For those who didn't give in to the fat bike trend yet, some groomed trails are accessible with a regular mountain bike when trail conditions are right—lower the tire pressure to increase traction, or even better, get studded tires and you'll be good to go.

Fat biking at Mactaquac Provincial Park
Fat biking at Mactaquac Provincial Park

Before you hit the trails with your “skinny” (or any bike for that matter), make sure the surface is firm enough, as riding or walking on soft ground or snow will damage the trails. Your tracks should not sink more than 2.5 cm (1 in.) deep. After a storm, let the dedicated trail groomers do their work or help packing down the snow by taking an invigorating snowshoe hike on the trails.

Must-try winter biking spots

And more here, as many local mountain bike trails network maintain trails in the winter.

Fat bike rentals

Or check your local bike shop for winter bike rentals.