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Beresford Municipal Beach Park

Up to 54 species of birds have been observed at the Beresford Beach Park, and the salt marsh features the rare Maritime Ringlet Butterfly, a small butterfly that lives almost exclusively in the salt marshes in and around the Chaleur Bay from the end of July to mid August. In fact, this butterfly has an extremely small global distribution and its largest population is located right here in the Beresford salt marshes. See if you can spot one! The park also features an unsupervised saltwater beach with washrooms, picnic tables, canteen, a park, toys for children and an outdoor stage. Musical entertainment is provided throughout the summer on Sunday afternoons, Wednesday evenings and during special events. Beresford is welcoming and very friendly. The population is primarily French speaking. However, a great majority of Beresford residents communicate very well in French and English. The town has excellent restaurants and everything visitors need to make their stay the most pleasant of experiences.