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Blackie's Farm Market

What started as a backyard pastime has now become Blackie's Veggies, a 5-ha (12-acre) farm producing top quality vegetables. "We grow everything we sell"; say farm owners James and Cecile Blackie. Every vegetable at the stand is grown on the farm and hand-picked on a daily basis by the farmers themselves, ensuring freshness and best quality. Come and try some of "Blackie's Awesome Corn". Follow the signs at the end of the road as you drive up the long farm driveway to the best vegetables Carleton County has to offer. In the fall, choose that special pumpkin from a huge display of hundreds of pumpkins that come straight from the pumpkin patch. The Blackies also have a flock of 50 registered purebred British-style Suffolk sheep on their farm as well as a yarn shop. Come explore!