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Bouctouche Trails

Trails are a great way to explore Bouctouche's rich and diverse coastal environment and lively Acadian community. A 10-km (6-mi.) hiking, cycling and walking trail connects the great sand dune of Irving Eco-Centre, La Dune de Bouctouche and the enchanting entertainment of Le Pays de la Sagouine. Part of the Sentier NB Trail system, the trail is managed by the town of Bouctouche and Sentier NB Trail.The Inner Bay trail is a beautiful 4-km (2.5-mi.) trail that takes you through a wooded area, across a footbridge and winds through the town of Bouctouche. Including those available at the Irving Eco-Centre, La Dune de Bouctouche and Le Pays de la Sagouine, there is a total of 18 km (11 miles) of trails to be enjoyed by cyclists, pedestrians and birdwatchers – visitors and locals alike!