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Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site


**The martello tower is currently undergoing vital restoration work. Although visitors are not able to enter the tower during this time, we encourage them to explore and enjoy the grounds and the Visitor Centre.**

Built for the War of 1812, this circular stone fort played a crucial role in the defence of Saint John and its harbour until 1944. The tower's unique architecture spans 130 years of coastal defence technology.

Carleton Martello Tower is just one of 16 such structures originally erected across Canada. It features a restored powder magazine (ca. 1845), soldiers' barracks (ca. 1866) and other exhibits. A superstructure dating from WWII portrays the tower's final function as a fire command post.

To make the most of your visit, plan to spend an hour with us. Begin exploring the exhibits at the visitor centre. Marvel at the tower's arched ceiling, then climb to the top and treat yourself to a spectacular view of Saint John and the Bay of Fundy. Guided tours with an interpreter are available.

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