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Charlo Aventuriers Outdoor Centre

Charlo Aventuriers Development Centre offers outdoor activities for all age groups and is open year-round for 4 seasons of fun! You love nature? This is the perfect place for you to workout!


  • 1.4-km (0.87-mi.) paved trail for bicycles, roller skates, roller skis and similar activities
  • 4.5-km (3-mi.) crusher dust trail, that you can either walk or run through, with 9 Health Beat outdoor training systems
  • Biking trails
  • Agility trail
  • Shooting range


  • 27 km (17 mi.) of cross-country ski trails (5 km are illuminated for night skiing)
  • 12 km (7.5 mi.) of snowshoe trails
  • Jackrabbit ski classes (5 years and older)
  • Biathlon and cross-country ski competitive and recreational events