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Saint-François (Haut-Madawaska)

Surrounded by lakes and trees, Saint-François is a charming little community bustling with local activity. Did you know that in Saint-François you can visit New Brunswick's only authentic blacksmith shop? After being in operation for 62 years, the Joseph B. Michaud Blacksmith Shop is now a museum where tools and equipment formerly used by the blacksmiths are on display. In the summer, outdoor enthusiasts take advantage of the rivers and lakes in the area. On one side is Glazier Lake, a protected natural environment that's ideal for wilderness camping and observing abundant wildlife, including rare species. On the other side, Unique Lake is a peaceful vacationing area with beautiful scenery where fishing and other water sports can be enjoyed. In the spring, the maple sugar bush érablière Unique invites visitors to indulge in something sweet, and maybe dance a jig or two! Last but not least is the Saint John River, a perfect waterway to paddle in a kayak or canoe. At the end of August, Saint-François organizes the Half Marathon Festivities. Join the pack and jog along the river with runners from all over the Maritimes, Quebec and Maine, or take part in the numerous family activities organized during the event. Come to Saint-François and enjoy the best the countryside has to offer!