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Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company

**Please note: The factory of the iconic Covered Bridge Potato Chips Company has burnt down on March 1, 2024. Please visit the company's website and social channels to follow the recovery and rebuild.

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is in the heart of potato country - the perfect spot for making chips! Discover how fresh Russet potatoes are made into an old-fashioned, kettle-cooked potato chip. Take a tour of the facility where you can watch educational videos and see displays providing insight into some interesting facts about New Brunswick agriculture and the history of potato farming. Watch and learn about every step of the potato-chip-making process, where every batch is cooked with care, one at a time, to ensure the best flavour and texture. The traditional way of making potato chips!Finish off by crunching into some of our very own chips fresh from the production line. You can try a variety of our 30 fun flavours; Smokin Sweet Barbecue, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Creamy Dill, Sea Salt, Sea salt & Cracked Pepper and many more. For a sweeter taste, you may want to try our Maple and Brown Sugar flavours. You make our chips your own!While you are munching away, browse the gift shop which features products from our company and local merchants. Just 5 minutes from the Longest Covered Bridge in the World, there is fun to be had by all. Our factory and local attractions are something the whole family can enjoy!