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Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook

The newly renovated premier landmark hotel in the heart of downtown Fredericton is within walking distance to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, The Fredericton Playhouse, and our unique shopping and entertainment district.

Featuring 168 guest rooms, including 12 deluxe suites, heated pool, hot tub, steam room, fitness centre and superb dining options like Maxwell's Restaurant & Bar and the famous Joyce Pub, with their farm to table focus and 36 local craft beer on tap, the most in Atlantic Canada.

Air conditioning
Business centre
Fitness centre
Free Wi-Fi
Pet friendly
Room service
Wheelchair accessible

Accessibility Services

  • Accommodations
    • Private Bathrooms
      • The door is a minimum of 80 cm wide
      • The faucets are operable with one hand, without tight grasping, that are at least 7.5cm long
      • There are grab bars mounted horizontally on the rear and side walls of the toilet
      • There is 150cm x 150cm floor space for a wheelchair to turn around inside the bathroom
      • There is a bathtub bench or chair with backrest
      • There is a roll-in shower with a threshold less than 1.3cm
    • Mobility Accessible Guest Rooms
      • The entry door is a minimum of 80 cm wide
      • The Room Number sign is at reasonable height/eye level
      • There is an accessible route (minimum of 92 cm wide) to accessible rooms
  • Building
    • Parking
      • Designated parking spaces:
        • are at least 260cm wide and 750cm in length
        • with an access aisle no less than 200cm wide, adjacent and parallel to the vehicle pull up space
        • have a vertically mounted sign with the International Symbol of Access.
        • have the International Symbol of Access painted on the surface.
      • Designated accessible parking within 50m of an entrance.
      • The path leading from the parking area to the entrance is well lit, firm, stable, level, slip resistant, and are these paths well-maintained and cleared of snow if operating year-round
      • The surface of the designated parking space is firm, stable, slip resistant and level
      • There is a defined path of travel, or walkway, from the sidewalk to the main entrance, so a pedestrian does not have to negotiate the parking lot?
    • Elevator/Lift
      • The business offers services on multiple floors, and has an elevator with a floor space of at least 225cm by 225cm
      • There is braille labelling/high contrast colours for the buttons
      • If there is only one elevator bank, is the call button panel placed to the right
      • The is elevator operable with one hand, with controls at a height between 89cm and 122cm from the floor.
    • Public Restrooms
      • There a designated accessible washroom. *see washrooms for accessibility criteria
      • The main door of the washroom has an opening of 80cm (when the door is in the open wide position) and an outward swing door
      • The washroom stall is a minimum of 150cm wide by 150cm deep with maneuvering/turning space of 150cm by 150cm in front of the stall
      • There are grab bars mounted horizontally on the rear and side walls of the toilet
    • Lobby/Reception Area
      • There is clear path of travel from the main entrance to the reception area ex. that path clear of furniture or other obstacles
    • Entrance
      • The accessible-entrance door can open with low pressure, using at least one of the following:
      • The door handle/frame has a colour contrast with the rest of the door
      • If the door is clear/glass, it has a high contrasting stripe placed below eye-level through the width of the door
      • The entrance has no steps, or if there are one or more steps, there is a non-slip ramp with a maximum of 1:12 slope
      • The entrance to the building has a door that is at minimum 80cm wide (in the open wide position)
    • Publicly accessible buildings
      • All interior paths are a minimum of 92cm in width, and free of obstructions
    • Ramps in and around
      • There is a ramp, and colour contrasting strips marking the beginning and ending of the ramp
    • Stairs in and around
      • The step and slope changes are clearly marked, lit, and have handrails
      • There are stairs, and the leading tread of each step is marked with colour contrasting strip the width of the stair
  • Food Service
    • Chairs can be moved to facilitate access to the spaces
    • Knee clearance underneath tables is least 68cm high x 75cm wide x 48cm deep
  • Service Dogs
    • There is a designated dog relief area on site
  • Signage & Navigation
    • Signage is:
      • in plain English
      • high contrast
      • free of glare
    • Signage contains the international symbols of access .
    • Signs include braille
      • the braille located directly below or adjacent to the corresponding print
    • Signage is placed in a location that does not protrude the main path of travel.
    • Signs are clear and concise, in large, plain font with good contrast between text and background.
    • The location of signage is in the same spot in every area. For example, signage for a bathroom on the first floor should be in the same area as the bathroom on the second floor, and so on.
    • The signage is in an area that is free shadows.
  • Staff Training
    • Emergency Plans
      • There is a system in place for a guest to contact a staff member for help if required
      • The emergency plan includes dedicated staff trained to provide in-person assistance to a person with a disability
    • Staff Training
      • The business accepts Access2Card ( or permits a support person to accompany the customer at no cost or at a discount

The information above was provided by the business. Please contact them directly for more information and to ensure their offerings are suitable to your needs.

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