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Du Réel au Miniature Railroad Interpretation Centre

Du Réel au Miniature Railroad Interpretation Centre showcases the history of the rail industry and its impact on all aspects of life. A tour of the exhibit building with hundreds of artifacts depicts an interesting part of the cultural fabric of New Brunswick.

Outside, you'll see our exterior train that is 1/8 of the real size. Kids, as well as adults will enjoy taking our 10 minute ride in the wilderness. You'll embark on an adventure that you won't forget. As you walk next door, enter an amazing world in miniature! An 84-sq.-m (900-sq.-ft.) model layout recreates the New Brunswick railway transportation system.

Learn about the art of model making as the owner, Guy, a seasoned hobbyist and model maker, guides you through the intricate track system and explains the detailed work behind buildings, miniature locomotives, rolling stocks, streetcars and lighting, as well as canyons, streams and roads, painstakingly creating these model landscapes. So grab your conductor's cap and get ready to learn and play!