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Escuminac Beach and Family Park

Just a two-minute walk from the campground, Escuminac Beach is a beauty! Saunter along the many boardwalks under a gloriously blue sky. These boardwalks were built to protect the natural sand dunes as well as provide easy access to the beach. Pause under the gazebo for a picnic or simply to admire the view. Lovely in the daytime, in the evening it's the perfect spot to watch a breathtaking sunset over the Miramichi Bay. If you love to hike, the walking trail starts at the campground and leads to the Escuminac Lighthouse - the first lighthouse ever built on the province's East Coast. Also, bird lovers can enjoy the many species of seabirds, well over 50 types. Be sure to check out Point Escuminac, where tree fragments from a forest dating back 4,300 years can be seen at the base of the peat section. Getting away from it all has never been so easy - or so much fun!