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Fundy Trail Provincial Park Interpretive Centre

The Interpretive Centre is built in the style of an 1800s logging bunkhouse in a lovely setting overlooking the Big Salmon River, where a community with a sawmill, inn, school, homes and churches once stood on the banks of the river. With the flourishing shipbuilding and lumber industry during the golden age of sail, a thriving lumber industry supported the building of over 500 ships in nearby St. Martins and area, once described as one of the richest region in Canada. Learn about this fascinating history and local stories. From the Interpretive Centre, visit the adjacent heritage sawmill and old-fashioned cookhouse. Take a walk across the 60-metre long suspension bridge, or along the riverside trails, and explore the stunning drive along the Fundy Trail and hike or walk the coastal trails. The Interpretive Centre also features a boutique with NB made products and other souvenirs, a snack shop, theatre with an informative video and knowledgeable staff.