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Grand Manan Beaches (Anchorage, Castalia Park, Dark Harbour, Deep Cove, North Head, Seal Cove)

Wherever you go on the island, there's sure to be a terrific beach nearby, where the words "crowded beach" is defined by the number of gulls and other seabirds on the beach that day. It's no wonder Reader's Digest voted Grand Manan Island as one of the World's 7 Best Small Islands ! Anchorage Beach is an unsupervised, sandy, saltwater beach where you can relax with the Bay of Fundy nipping at your toes. Do some beachcombing, see wildlife and check the nearby freshwater ponds – a great spot to cast your line for trout. Canoe or kayak as well.Castalia Park Beach is gravel and salt marsh. Picnic tables and observation decks and an excellent birding area.Dark Harbour Beach is named for the high cliffs that block the early morning sun. This area is reputed to have the world's finest dulse, a salty delicacy made from sun-dried seaweed. Don't leave the island without trying this special treat!Hike the trail north to The Whistle or south to Southwest Head. These trails will lead you through spectacular old-growth spruce forest and rugged scenery, deep, craggy ravines, jagged-rock walls, swift-moving tides and streams. Perfect for experienced outdoor enthusiasts.Deep Cove Beach is a small, quiet sandy beach along the main road (Route 776). Often described as the best beach on Grand Manan Island.North Head Beach (Stanley Beach) is a magical beach - at high tide there's very little room to explore, but when the tides goes out, a broad sand- and pebble-beach is revealed. Great beachcombing opportunity. Seal Cove Beach has fine sand. This is a great place to spend a sunny day if you have small children. One of the most photographed areas on the island and a favourite place to pick up sea glass.