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Hyla Park Nature Preserve

A hidden urban gem in Fredericton's north side.Just outside of Fredericton's downtown core, you can find Hyla Park Nature Preserve—Canada's first amphibian sanctuary and a hidden urban gem.After the uncommon gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) was discovered in this area, the land was set aside to preserve and protect its population and habitat. Visit the park and listen to the flute-like trilling sound of this tiny frog. Also, keep a lookout for the busy beavers, migratory birds, and rare plants that can be found in the park, including red milkwort, purple gerardia and small-flowered gratiola. Enjoy the serenity of meandering hiking trails right in the heart of Fredericton's North side. Find the ExploreEcoNB mobile application on Apple, Android, and Windows app stores ( for directions to this nature preserve, as well as information about other Nature Trust of New Brunswick nature preserves and many more natural areas to explore throughout the province.