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Kings Landing


Don’t just imagine what life was like 200 years ago, step back and live it! When you visit Kings Landing, your senses will come alive with all things 19th-century New Brunswick. From feeling the floorboards shake as a giant water-powered saw produces shipbuilding lumber at the Sawmill to catching a whiff of Mrs. Lint’s hearty soup simmering over the crackling fire, you’ll leave having memories from the 1800s — not just having heard tales!

Situated on a picturesque bend along the St. John River, Kings Landing’s village is brimming with activity as costumed characters depicting real people from New Brunswick’s past go about their day-to-day lives. Visit this open-air museum from June to October, and at special events throughout the year, to see why millions have shared in our stories, hospitality and vibrant history. There is no time like the present to discover the past!

Bilingual service (English-French)
Free Wi-Fi
Wheelchair accessible