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Lamèque Island

Take a leisurely drive to this scenic Acadian island. Situated off the coast of northeastern New Brunswick, Lamèque separates the waters of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and Chaleur Bay. With the wealth of quiet, sandy beaches here, you'll have no shortage of options to find the perfect spot to soak up some sun! Fishing is the main industry, with more than than 40 species of fish, mollusks and crustaceans to be found in the waters. And with about a quarter of the island covered with peat bogs, the peat moss industry is also important and celebrated yearly in July during the Provincial Peat Moss Festival. Lamèque's Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula, a nature complex focused on the environment and conservation of local plant, bird and animal life, features a 1/2-km (1/3-mi.) footbridge, an observation tower and a 2-km (1.24-mi.) interpretive trail, including an arboretum. The complex also has a modern interpretative centre. Professionals are on-site to answer questions or provide a guided tour. The park is an excellent introduction to the Acadian Peninsula landscape and a good place to learn about the wind turbines that have been part of the region's landscape since 2010. Ever skied on an island? Winter brings opportunities for cross-country skiing, skating, sliding or snowshoeing as you enjoy winter days with family or friends in this island community. Complete your experience by trying some traditional Acadian cuisine at one of Lamèque's restaurants, where fresh seafood is always available and on the menu.