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Ministers Island


Ministers Island, lying just off the shore near Saint Andrews, is 500 acres of history and beauty with experiences unlike any other:

  • Drive or walk across the ocean floor to reach the island during low tide.
  • Explore this National Historic Site of Canada. Ministers Island was the summer estate of Sir William Van Horne, Canadian Pacific Railroad’s President who led the construction of Canada’s first transcontinental railway in the late 1800s. Visit the 50-room Van Horne mansion, the gigantic livestock barn, the turreted bathhouse, the windmill, greenhouses, cottages and more.
  • Hike the island’s nature trails (more than 20 km/12 mi.) with their stunning ocean views and annual bird migrations.
  • Enjoy one of the island’s Sunday concerts.

The island’s open hours change daily due to the tides. Visit Ministers Island website to see the schedule and to purchase day passes and event tickets. Day pass discounts for seniors, students, and families.

Bilingual service (English-French)
Pet friendly