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Nepisiguit Centennial Museum/Cultural Centre

In 2003 the Bathurst Heritage Trust Commission Inc. acquired the Nepisiguit Centennial Library building and immediately created the Nepisiguit Centennial Museum/Cultural Centre, which houses the Heritage Museum, the Nepisiguit Genealogy/Archives. The artifacts, including photos, archives, genealogical documents, and histories of the native Aboriginal culture, represent the general life of the people of the region in the early days. There is no precise theme running through the museum, but the past comes alive for both local and other visitors.

The Bathurst Heritage Museum and Archives offers a small booklet of special points of interest to all visitors. These special attractions of the City of Bathurst include heritage homes (plaqued), beautiful parks, nature trails, shopping areas, the theatre, a youth centre, Daly Point Nature Reserve with excellent boardwalks and birdwatching sites and the Waterfront Promenade in the city's downtown, located just a few blocks from the Museum.