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Oromocto Visitor Information & Interpretive Centre

Located at exits 303 and 301 of the Trans-Canada Highway, the Oromocto Visitor Information & Interpretive Centre is a great location to stop for a rest. Visitors can enjoy the many restaurants nearby or take advantage of our many picnic tables on site. Our staff are ready to welcome you to our beautiful town, and can help you plan your trip. Visitors can also take a relaxing walk around the wheelchair accessible Gateway Nature trail that surrounds the  Visitor Information Centre.

Bilingual service (English-French)
Wheelchair accessible

Accessibility Services

  • Building
    • Parking
      • Designated parking spaces:
        • with an access aisle no less than 200cm wide, adjacent and parallel to the vehicle pull up space
        • have the International Symbol of Access painted on the surface.
      • Designated accessible parking within 50m of an entrance.
      • The # of designated spots correspond to the Barrier Free Design Code.
      • The path leading from the parking area to the entrance is well lit, firm, stable, level, slip resistant, and are these paths well-maintained and cleared of snow if operating year-round
      • The surface of the designated parking space is firm, stable, slip resistant and level
      • There is a defined path of travel, or walkway, from the sidewalk to the main entrance, so a pedestrian does not have to negotiate the parking lot?
    • Public Restrooms
      • There a designated accessible washroom. *see washrooms for accessibility criteria
      • The main door of the washroom has an opening of 80cm (when the door is in the open wide position) and an outward swing door
      • The washroom stall is a minimum of 150cm wide by 150cm deep with maneuvering/turning space of 150cm by 150cm in front of the stall
      • There are grab bars mounted horizontally on the rear and side walls of the toilet
    • Lobby/Reception Area
      • There is clear path of travel from the main entrance to the reception area ex. that path clear of furniture or other obstacles
      • There is a lowered counter at the reception or ticket desk that is no more than 86.5cm from the floor
    • Entrance
      • The accessible-entrance door can open with low pressure, using at least one of the following:
        • A working power door opener between 100cm and 110cm above floor level
        • Lever handles at a height of 80cm to 120cm from the floor
        • A push plate/pull handles at a height of 80cm to 120cm from the floor
      • The entrance has no steps, or if there are one or more steps, there is a non-slip ramp with a maximum of 1:12 slope
      • The entrance to the building has a door that is at minimum 80cm wide (in the open wide position)
    • Publicly accessible buildings
      • All interior paths are a minimum of 92cm in width, and free of obstructions

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