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St. Andrews Historic District

NATIONAL HISTORIC DISTRICT St. Andrews by-the-Sea is a premier heritage seaside resort and is one of a few select National Historic Districts in Canada. Founded in 1783 by United Empire Loyalists from the U.S. state of Maine, Saint Andrews is home to more than 140 heritage buildings, including 5 National Historic Sites: St. Andrews Blockhouse (1812), Minister's Island (1786), Greenock Church (1824), Charlotte County Courthouse (1840), Charlotte County Gaol (1832), and just a few kilometres up the St. Croix River you'll find the international historic site of Saint Croix Island, which history dates back to 1604. Saint Andrews is exceptional among Canadian towns in having an unusually large number of heritage buildings, some dating back as far as 230 years.Stop by the town of Saint Andrews Visitor Information Centre to choose one of several self-guided or professionally guided heritage walking tours.Old-world charm in the 21st-century awaits family, friends and visitors year-round in St. Andrews by-the-Sea.