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Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

Located in southwestern New Brunswick along the beautiful Saint John River, you will find the town of Grand Bay-Westfield, the result of the two, originally separate, villages being officially merged in 1998. A growing community, Grand Bay-Westfield is currently home to approximately 5,000 residents and is the gateway to the Lower St. John River Valley. The town also has a ferry landing at the end of Ferry Road where the cable ferry connects Grand Bay-Westfield with the community of Hardings Point, across the river on the Kingston Peninsula. A campground and public beach can be found in these locations, near the ferry landings. The ferries are free, and are a unique and refreshing way to take your car and sail across the bright waters of the river on a sunny summer day. Offering the best of urban and rural New Brunswick, and only minutes away from the city of Saint John, Grand Bay-Westfield has convenient access to a variety of business establishments and government services, modern health care and first-class education facilities. The area was settled in bygone years mainly as "cottage country" for prominent Saint John families, and remained so for some time. With the steep hills and often rocky terrain, the area never became heavily engaged in agriculture, although some farms did exist and still do, they are somewhat rare. Being so close to the wondrous Saint John River, a healthy lifestyle seems a natural fit for residents. Outdoor recreation and water sports are popular, and promoting a conscientious conservation principle for the surrounding community environment. So, you will find no rush-hour traffic in this serene riverside town with beautifully kept homes, but you will find a perfect combination of urban convenience and small-town charm with a cottage-country flavour.

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