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We look forward to welcoming you. Please refer to public health guidelines before planning your trip to New Brunswick.

Town of Hartland

The Saint John River has been the lifeline of this town since it was established in the early 1800s. Once an important trade route for French, English and Aboriginal traders, the river was widely known for the steamships that could be seen chugging along, carrying goods to other parts of the province. The river also provides a venue for leisure pursuits, among them canoeing, kayaking, or pleasure boating. Hiking, biking and camping along its banks are also popular, and the river is equally picturesque, spring, summer or fall.The Upper St. John River Valley Trail (part of the Trans-Canada Trail) is a multi-use trail accessible from here. Whether you're looking for a short sunset walk or a multi-day trek on foot or bicycle, the gentle grades and multiple access points allow you to tailor a hike to suit your personal needs. The Hartland Covered Bridge is a must-see if you are visiting here. Known as the World's Longest Covered Bridge, this century-old bridge is 1,282 feet (390.75 m) long and was declared a National Historic Site in 1980. An engineering marvel in its time, it has a colourful history, and still survives today, continuing to serve as part of the regularly travelled highway.You may want to pop in at the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company and take a tour. As you find out how potato chips are made, you will be able to sample a few, hot off the line! The town's unique International Garden is patterned after the course of the Saint John River and features more than 50 species of trees and shrubs from around the world will welcome you. The trees and blooming plants make this a most enjoyable place to stop and experience rural New Brunswick at its best.

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