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Destination Nackawic

Nackawic is a young community with deep historic roots. Carved out of the land where the Nackawic Stream meets the Saint John River, this area has ties to the Loyalists who first farmed the land centuries ago. Many of their original homes can be seen today at Kings Landing, a bustling living-history village. The town of Nackawic was created in the late 60s out of necessity. With the construction of the Mactaquac Dam, some homes had to be moved above the rising headpond. At about the same time, the A.V. Nackawic Inc. (formerly the St. Anne Nackawic Pulp and Paper Company Ltd.) was built, bringing with it many jobs and a need for housing. Forestry is the lifeblood of this "model town," which was named Forestry Capital of Canada in 1991. To commemorate that honour, the town commissioned the World's Largest Axe (seven tonnes), which stands proudly on the waterfront. Nackawic is a great place to enjoy all the wonders of nature. There is excellent camping nearby, a public beach, and the beautiful International Garden to wander through. Take a stroll along the nature trail that follows the riverbank, where you'll find lookouts and rustic bridges and the perfect spot for a picnic. Breathtaking scenery, friendly people, activities for all ages - Nackawic has it all!