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Tuddenham Farms

Tuddenham Farms is a family-operated, wild-blueberry farm and blueberry-wine producer located in Charlotte County. The farm was built in 1923 by Sanford Newell. The business was eventually expanded by his son, Carl. In the spirit of family tradition, Carl's daughter, Janet, and her husband, Fred, along with their 2 sons, Todd and Troy, operate the business today. With wild-blueberry fields throughout Charlotte County, the Tuddenhams offer the highest quality fresh, hand-cleaned and graded fresh and frozen blueberries. A variety of blueberry products are also available, including wine, jam, juice, syrup and freshly baked and frozen home-style blueberry pies. Troy also operates a roadside farm-fresh produce stand and wine retail outlet in Oak Bay. The Tuddenham's blueberries and blueberry products are available for sale there from late June through late October. The fresh blueberries are available in pint and quart containers, as well as in 5-lb. and 10-lb boxes from late July until mid September in Oak Bay, farmers markets in Fredericton and St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, and retail grocery stores throughout New Brunswick, including Fredericton and Saint John. Frozen blueberries are available year round in Oak Bay as well as selected retailers in Fredericton and Saint John.