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The Water Street Farmers Market

The Water Street Farmers Market is a small-town farmers market located in the former town of Chatham, now part of the city of Miramichi, and is characterized by its warmth and hospitality. The market showcases a variety of quality handcrafted wares that are made locally. Vendors bring goods such as knitting, crochet, woodworking and toll-painting, pottery, handmade soap and bath products, needlepoint, fine stitchery and quilts. There are also a number of food vendors, including an on-site kitchen which offers a hearty home-cooked breakfast menu. A variety of baked goods and specialty desserts, canned and pickled fruit and vegetables, locally produced organic meats and poultry, in-season produce and bedding plants can be found on any given Saturday. We also have a cheese vendor, sushi vendor and Indian as well as Korean foods.