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World's Largest Axe

Take seven tonnes of stainless steel and sink them into a concrete stump that is 10 m (33 ft.) in diameter. What have you got? The World's Largest Axe! Rising 15 m (49 ft.) above the glorious Saint John River, this landmark is a mighty symbol. It tells the world that forestry is "number one" in this small community, named Forestry Capital of Canada in 1991. In fact, the axe was commissioned as a reminder of that special year. It was designed and built by a company from Woodstock, New Brunswick. Once built, it was quite a feat to move the statue down to Nackawic. At 7 m (23 ft.) wide, it certainly took up a lot of room on the highway. In fact, it had to be moved early on a Sunday morning so it wouldn't disrupt the traffic flow. The huge "stump" doubles as a stage for outdoor gatherings in the community. In the head of the axe there is a time capsule embedded for future generations. Paul Bunyan himself might have trouble swinging this axe!

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