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Fun, authentic, welcoming, and proud.

Maritime culture is defined by its connection to the sea—it’s a history of people living near, by, and on the ocean. It’s shaped by people’s reliance on natural resources. It’s why it shines so brightly in the fishing villages, farming areas, and small, livable cities that dot our landscape as much as so many lighthouses. 

The Maritime connection to nature, to earth and sea, is perhaps why the culture is so honest, friendly, and authentic. A people who live so closely to nature are, not surprisingly, very down to earth. When you travel across New Brunswick, you’ll notice that no matter how diverse the population, people are welcoming, warm, and always ready to share a smile and lend a hand. Maritimers are proud of their home, respectful of an honest day’s work, and brightly share their joie de vivre. You can count on it.

In music and celebration is perhaps when Maritime culture is most vibrant. So make point of finding some, and joining in. You will be welcomed with open arms. And you will have the sort of honest fun that is refreshing and encouraging to experience.

Cottage shop on Grand Manan Island
A genuine Maritimes welcome at Grand Manan Island