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Take your rod. Abandon your inhibitions.

Let the gentle river set the pace. Bide your time. The fish certainly are. This 180 km (112 mi.) adventure is defined by its marquee attraction: some of the best salmon fishing the world has to offer. Cast a line for the King of Game Fish, and be sure to enjoy the moment. But the salmon aren’t the whole story. The plot thickens on this road trip with hearty home-cooked meals, thrilling river tube rides, and rich communities whose history has been carved by the currents. Experience the woodsman heritage of Boiestown and McNamee; the paddling and casting of Doaktown; the fishing of Blackville; the aboriginal culture of Sillikers and Red Bank; and the waterfront escapades of Miramichi. New friends and the great outdoors are waiting for you along every turn. 

Route de la rivière Miramichi
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