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What's your name and location?

My name is Hector A. Ebute and I am from Moncton.

What's your favourite place to visit in the province, and why?

Fundy National Park. Fundy has a unique location, a variety of activities, a lot of different biking trails and waterfalls to explore, short and long hikes, great fishing spots and when you think that is all, you can jump in the water, go kayaking, etc. The fun at Fundy just doesn’t end.

Many of the park’s attractions are easily accessible from the village of Alma. The village also has a variety of restaurants serving the most delicious meals, with beautiful ocean and tide views.

I find Fundy so natural. The breeze and the sounds of birds chirping are so calming. All my visits there have been therapeutic and reminded me of my home country (Nigeria). The many similarities made me feel at home.

Another nice natural place to visit is Crooked Creek lookoff. Most parks in the world have best times to visit, but places like this have the most satisfying view all year long. I could see myself getting engaged there!

The Bay of Fundy area has the most amazing views; you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful picture with every click of the camera! There are many places where visitors can camp, a unique wildlife and it’s one of Canada’s top tourist destination. Attractions are easy to find with the signs and maps. Overall, the Fundy area satisfies all my outdoor desires and this is why Fundy National Park is my go-to place.

What's something about New Brunswick that you wish the rest of the country knew about?

New Brunswick has a tidal bore wave that happens twice a day on the Petitcodiac River in Moncton. It’s very unique to watch.

What's your favourite "made in New Brunswick" food/drink?

The sticky buns sold at Kelly's Bake Shop in Alma, next to Fundy National Park. It was a friend who told me of how delicious these buns taste. At first, I didn't believe him and when I was at Fundy a couple of weekends, each time I went to buy the sticky buns it was sold out. On my following trip to Fundy I left a bit early just so I could arrive in time to be able to buy those magic sticky buns. That day I bought my first sticky buns and yes, it was finger-licking good! My pupils grew larger, it was love at first bite. Since I came to Canada, this is the only dessert that felt like eating my favourite Nigerian treat called the puff puff.

Is there a part of the province you haven't been to yet, that you'd like to visit? Tell us why!

I would love to visit Grand Manan to experience a whole different view, hiking, whale watching, get on a ferry (which I have never done!) and most importantly to explore the entire island!

You can find Hector on Instagram @Hector_Rankin.