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A unique terroir, for unique drinking experiences. 

What to enjoy along with that lobster dinner? Well, it only makes sense to pair a locally-produced food with a locally-crafted drink. So pour yourself a glass of New Brunswick wine or cider, and get ready to experience the kind of unique taste that our very specific climate, terroir, and artistry can create.

New Brunswick’s wine industry is young, but diverse and growing, like so many grapes on the vine. Our scenic wine regions stretch from coastal shores to fertile valleys, producing complex cool-climate grape and fruit wines. Considering our long and cold winters, our local wineries expand grape-growing and winemaking to new frontiers, constantly improving the quality of wines produced here. And our cider production—based on a long history of apple growing—is an equally exciting way to experience what New Brunswick has to offer.

You can taste our wines and ciders at one of the wineries and cideries across the province, most of which offer tours, tastings, and even entertainment. Our wines and ciders are also on the menu at many or our province’s restaurants and bars, and you can also find them at some farmers’ markets, and of course at Alcool NB Liquor stores across New Brunswick. Cheers!