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Ziplining, Aerial Adventures, Canopy Tours, Ropes Courses - Feel the rush

Some places are just made for heart-pumping adventure. With its wide open spaces, endless forests, powerful tides and bigger than life nature, New Brunswick is one of those places.

Test your balance, your agility and your strength as you make your way above ground on ladders, nets, wobbly bridges, balancing beams and other tricky obstacles. Ropes courses are a great (and safe) way to challenge yourself and conquer your fear of heights.

If you want to cut the chase and go straight to the thrill of zooming along a cable high in the air, we can hook you up too! Zip over a massive gorge, a peaceful cove, or a cape where raging waves beat against towering cliffs.

Ziplines and aerial adventures courses are typically open from late spring to late fall, but one welcomes adventure seekers during the winter months with an experience topped including a campfire, cookies and hot cocoa!

Raise to the challenge, keep your focus and enjoy the ride. You’ll never look at vacations the same way again.


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