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Flavourful beers, crafted with care.

Given that Moosehead, Canada’s oldest independent brewery, is located in Saint John, New Brunswick, perhaps it’s not surprising that New Brunswick continues to enjoy a booming beer industry. Microbreweries across the province are wooing locals, enticing visitors, and garnering national recognition along the way.

These ales, lagers, and pilsners are crafted by creative brewmasters who know just how to tease out the right flavours and profiles using just a few raw ingredients. And typically, they try to incorporate locally-sourced ingredients. Wild blueberries or maple syrup, for example, will make it into a beer.

These microbrewery brands are often inspired by local folklore, bringing New Brunswick history to life in their product. Holy Whale, in Alma, is located in an historic community church. Tire Shack Brewing, in Moncton, is set in a former auto garage. Four Rivers Brewing, in Bathurst, is named after the rivers that flow into the Bathurst harbour – Nepisiguit, Tetagouche, Little and Middle. The communities themselves, and their landmarks, live on in beer glasses across the province.

With microbreweries in every single region of the province, it’s easy to get a taste of our local beers. Find a taproom, relax and enjoy a pint (or a flight) in New Brunswick.