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What's your name, location (if you are originally from a different part of the province, please let us know as well!) 

Jason Gallant, Moncton 

What's your favourite place to visit in the province, and why? 

Our family loves camping, so you can find us at our two national parks in the summer and winter. Love Fundy National Park for the scenic views, trails, the food and local beer. Kouchibouguac National Park for the beach, trails in summer and winter and cooking delicious food on the camp fire.

What's something about New Brunswick that you wish the rest of the country knew about? 

That we have the most craft beer / distilleries per capita... and they are all amazing! also we have some top notch chefs doing awesome food in every corner of the province.

What's your favourite "made in New Brunswick" food/drink? 

Maple syrup... We have over 300 maple syrup producers in the province so everyone - like me - probably has memories as kid of visiting a maple sugar shack for the first time. Today I use it in most of my recipes where I can... Maple syrup is not just for pancakes!

Is there a part of the province you haven't been to yet, that you'd like to visit? Tell us why! 

Our family was lucky enough this past summer to visit the entire province over a 2 week vacation. So we've seen it all! Where I wish we spent more time would be in the north of the province. So many things to see, eat and drink.

You can find Jason on Instagram @hubcityfoodies

jason gallant