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What's your name, location (if you are originally from a different part of the province, please let us know as well!) 

My name is Marc Pelletier. I'm 39 and I'm originally from Edmundston, but I have now been living in Moncton for 20 years!

What's your favourite place to visit in the province, and why? 

I have a lot of favourites, from Fundy National Park, Fundy Trail, Dobson Trail, to the St. Martins sea caves. Can't forget the many city parks like Mapleton and Irishtown. One of my new favourites is Mount Carleton. There are so many!

What's something about New Brunswick that you wish the rest of the country knew about? 

How beautiful, picturesque, calm and inviting it is. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming which makes it a great destination for tourists.

What's your favourite "made in New Brunswick" food/drink? 

A lot of my local favourites involve beer... Like CAVOK Brewing, Tire Shack Brewing, Holy Whale, Pumphouse, just to name a few. There is a great local food/drink culture in New-Brunswick.

Is there a part of the province you haven't been to yet, that you'd like to visit? Tell us why! 

I have been to most parts of the province at least once, but I definitely want to explore the northeastern part of the province more. (Bathurst, Tracadie and the Acadian peninsula.)

You can find Marc on Instagram @marcp506