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What's your name and location?

My name is Scott McDade. I was born in Saint John but raised in small town Titusville.

What's your favourite place to visit in the province, and why?

My favourite place in the province to visit is Rockwood Park, conveniently located within walking distance from my home. It makes for the perfect escape from my daily routine of urban photography.

What's something about New Brunswick that you wish the rest of the country knew about?

It's history. This is where Canada began. From the first incorporated city to the invention of the snowblower, how much more Canadian can you get than that?

What's your favourite "made in New Brunswick" food/drink?

Atlantic smoked salmon, I can put that stuff on anything!

Is there a part of the province you haven't been to yet, that you'd like to visit? Tell us why!

All of it. I do not drive and although I've lived and traveled all across Canada and the east coast of the US, I have never explored New Brunswick... this is the year!

You can find Scott on Instagram @sjxposed.